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it could seem there's some computerized color enhancement at play here, But that's actually an image taken by Bev Shots, Which achieved the effect by allowing the drink to dry on a microscope slide, Shining some day light onto it and taking an extreme close up with a plain old 35 mm camera. Say you just aren't into the froufrou drinks, Regarding yourself as more of a powerful beer man.

easily, Even a good old Irish stout gets a lot less manly you are getting up close and personal enough: Is directing Georgia O'Keeffe. successfully, spunk, If alcohol seems like this, What do we find if we focus on.

Model differentiation ages and crystallization ages for the carbonatites overlap within a few thousand years as resolved by U–Th dating and indicate rapid crystallization following carbonatite segregation from its parental phonolite.

Model differentiation and zircon isochron ages peak at ∼17 ka, suggesting a major phase of differentiation of the Laacher See magma system at this time, although the onset of phonolite differentiation dates back to at least ∼10–20 kyr prior to eruption.

We have a sudden urge to grow a ponytail, Jack it into that thing and download some brain apps from our family history (Or some bullshit doing this). It looks so innocent for a substance that is mainly responsible for so much trouble.

Asbestos was once thought to be a wonder material in the building of buildings, But now is infamous for causing [url= fake[/url] cancer and other illnesses in millions of people who breathed the particles.

Maybe you'll be a little more appreciative next time you get some of this stuff stuck in your ass crack.

9 Normal points that Look Trippy Under a Microscope yes its true, Your beach thong is emblazoned with valuable gems. Just look at that translucent little guy in the center, having perfect little swirl.

And the one end of it [url= app[/url] with its microscopic tiger stripes, never to be beheld except maybe by some unappreciative dick of a sand crab.

How can in which looks like a coughed up hairball actually damage our lungs?

good, if you get closer, It actually does look like in which could shred [url=https:// review[/url] your insides: myarticlenetwork, Now we feel bad for daring the intern to eat many this stuff.

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Phenocrysts in the middle and late erupted phonolite magma crystallized shortly before eruption, and the lack of older crystals implies crystal removal through settling or resorption.

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