Wii system updating australian dating culture

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Because unauthorized modifications to save files may impair game play or the Wii console, updating to Wii Menu version 4.0 will also check for and automatically remove such save files.

**Please note: If you've updated your Wii Menu after 3/25/09, you may not need to update again. ⊂Nintendo⊃ (If you have received this notice before, please disregard the following information.) Dear Customer, Nintendo would like to inform you that a Wii Menu update is now available.

Esta actualizacion te permitira sacarle mas partido a la tarjeta SD de la consola Wii y disfrutar de varias novedades: Visita el Canal Tienda Wii para descargar la actualizacion del Canal Wii Speak compatible con tarjetas SDHC.

La version actualizada del Canal Wii Speak no es compatible con versiones anteriores, por lo que todos los grupos que hagan uso de este canal deberan realizar la actualizacion para seguir disfrutando del mismo.

Please update your system by pressing the "Update" button located below to the right.

By means of this update, the SD card feature is completed!

IMPORTANT Save files created by unauthorised modifications may cause damage to your Wii console.

For additional details on the SD Card menu or SD/SDHC Memory Card formats, please visit our Web page at

The Wii User Agreement, which includes the Wii Privacy Policy, has been updated.

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ (※)If you have updated your system after March 26th, there is no need for you to update again.

(En caso de que hayas recibido con anterioridad este mensaje, ignora la informacion que viene a continuación) Estimado cliente: Queriamos informarte de que esta disponible una actualizacion del menu de Wii.

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With this update, the SD Memory Card function has been enhanced to support the following features: (*) The Wii Shop Channel has been updated and now includes Virtual Console Arcade.