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Who is rita cosby dating

After Daniel Smith's death, Cosby began to devote much of her time to reporting on the events surrounding Smith—the Bahamian coroner's investigation into the cause of Daniel's death, Smith's commitment ceremony to Stern, Smith's own death, the paternity dispute between Stern and Birkhead, and the various court proceedings.

In the spring of 2007, Cosby began to consider leaving MSNBC to write a book.

After a lengthy and contentious paternity dispute with Larry Birkhead, Smith's former boyfriend, Stern learned that Birkhead was actually Dannielynn's father. Stern facilitated her untimely demise by ensuring she had all the drugs she needed to die from." (Id.

On April 10, 2007, Todd Shuster, Cosby's agent, sent an email to Amy Einhorn, an editor at Hachette, pitching a book Cosby planned to write, then entitled Fame and Miss Fortune: Secrets from Inside the Anna Nicole Smith Media Storm.

She will also offer rare insight into what exactly makes the death of Anna Nicole Smith compelling to so many millions of people worldwide. Einhorn was impressed with the proposal and thought that it had the potential to be a popular book, in part because she anticipated that the Book would contain previously unpublished information about Smith.

Einhorn only recalls one of the items: The Book would report that Smith had once walked in on Stern and Birkhead having oral sex.

After Einhorn got off the phone, she sent an email to two of her colleagues characterizing what she had just heard as "holy shit" items.

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The event will be in the First Energy Auditorium at Kent State University.

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