Who is mark feehily dating

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After departing from the group, Mark Feehily also worked as a solo artist.

Mark Feehily dated photographer Kevin Mc Daid after the duo first met in January 2005.

Westlife's Mark Feehily has announced his engagement!

Mark Feehily is not married so he probably has no daughter unless if he has adopted one.

Though there are rumors about his adopted daughter, we cannot accept it unless we have verification from the concerned authorities.

I got a bit carried away though – it went on for 17 minutes!

"Faye, who plays the role of Kate Connor in Coronation Street, then added, "We were both crying the whole way through.

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“There is someone special and I’m really, really happy at the moment,” he said speaking on TV3’s 7 O’Clock Show. “When you’re faced with a challenge in life you can either let it consume you or you can stand up and try and learn as a person and move on.