Who is jonathan rys meyers dating guernsey dating lovina

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Who is jonathan rys meyers dating

ALL OF THIS, and the mannerisms that Rhys Meyers retains from his time in the Big House (even though he has recently described his role there as that of a farmhand), may go some way to explaining why Allen had no idea, at casting time, that he had chosen an Irishman for the role of Chris Wilton, the tennis pro turned coach who charms his way into the lives of an upper-crust English family, complete with opera box and country mansion. It's much better than working with a younger director who's out there to prove he's good and shove his balls around, you know?

"When Woody found out that I was Irish, he said 'make Chris Irish'," says Rhys Meyers. " In conversation, Rhys Meyers never seems entirely certain who he has decided to be today; the actor in him is never at rest.

A plush hotel suite, generic American rock on the stereo, an abandoned bacon breakfast by the door, and an army of urgent-faced publicists clicking their stiletto heels for his every need. Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers — who plays King Henry VIII on “The Tudors” — was spotted on the streets of London looking extremely disheveled, brown-bagging a bottle of cheap booze and pouring himself a cup right out on the street.Meyers stumbled through the streets last week in a vodka-spattered T-shirt, matted hair and unbuttoned jeans as he downed shots in broad daylight.In December, Meyers proposed to girlfriend Mara Lane after only seven months of dating.Lane posted a picture on Instagram of the happy couple in Ireland last month.

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After all, he's not the only one involved with this film to look askance at Manhattan.