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Who is joan osborne dating

Teresa." But her third album, the frequently delayed 2000 release Righteous Love, didn't fare as well.

Osborne, who studied the devotional Qawwali form of Indian singing with late legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, gained some serious cred with her gritty singing in the 2002 documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown." She took to the road with the famed Motown house band featured in the film, the Funk Brothers, and released an album of soul covers, How Sweet It Is, in 2002.

After a few years off to raise her daughter, Cole returned in 1999 with the Paula Cole Band and released Amen. : A greatest-hits album called Postcards From East Oceanside was released in June.

Who: Lisa Loeb Her story: For the most part, there are two things people remember about Dallas fizzy-pop singer Lisa Loeb: her signature cat-eye glasses and the fact that she became the first unsigned artist to top the American singles chart.

During its run, Lilith played to more than 2 million people and raised in excess of million for women's causes, but what became of the big-name acts who were on the verge or huge during Lilith but have been flying under the radar since? Who: Sarah Mc Lachlan Her story: The tour's founder had a string of hits in the 1990s with such soft-rock staples as "Possession," "Building a Mystery," "Sweet Surrender" and "Angel." After the third Lilith in 1999, she decided to take a hiatus, during which her first child was born, eventually returning to the pop world in 2003 with Afterglow.

Though still popular, Mc Lachlan has not fully recaptured her early success in the second phase of her career. : Mc Lachlan's first holiday album, Wintersong, slated for release October 17, includes her version of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)," Joni Mitchell's "River" and the original title track.

Brooks' song "Shine," from the album of the same name, became the theme song for the 2004 season of the "Dr. According to Brooks' Web site, the 2004 birth of her son led her to refocus her career.I remember telling my parents that I wanted to become a priest, and they told me I couldn't because I was girl.I remember being taken aback by that and very impressed with a sense of injustice, as some little kids definitely have that sense of injustice. Their songs were our soundtrack, and we laughed, danced, cried and loved along with them. E., the Lilith Fair was a breath of fresh, lavender-scented air.They flashed across our radio and TV burning brightly ... As you'll find out in this regular feature, sometimes the stories behind your favorite songs are more interesting than the hits themselves. Founded in 1997 by Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Mc Lachlan to combat what she saw as sexism in the radio and touring industries, the tour crisscrossed North America for three summers before folding up its tent.

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Who: Meredith Brooks Her story: In 1997, Brooks was taking off with her Alanis Morissette-style kiss-off "Bitch," which helped her debut, Blurring the Edges, climb the charts and landed her a spot on Lilith.

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