Webcam date hot russian woman

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Webcam date hot russian woman

She is a FAKE woman in love with you, so wire her some FAKE money!Get her name and address (required for most cash transfer transactions) and make up a fake transfer number, and email the "girl" that you have wired her ,000 USD and she can pick it up at any Western Union branch.Then at some point Russian scammers are going to hit you with some sort of urgent, heart-tugging plea for money..."My grandmother has taken ill and will die if we don't get her expensive medicine.... OR, "I'm very sorry John, but the place I use to send you my emails requires me to pre-pay for the next 6 months and I haven't the money to be able to afford this...", OR THE OLDIE-BUT-GOODIE, "My dear, I feel so close to you and want to see you very much.Russian scammers post pictures and profiles of beautiful Russian women.They may have downloaded the pictures of some Russian actress or model who you would not recognize, or they may have downloaded the pictures from a real girl's profile on another site.Russian scammers may contact you first or you may write them first.She may continue the dialog immediately after you exchange contact information, OR you may never see another message from her, but days, weeks, or months later you will start getting very generic emails from various Russian women you've never seen claiming they saw your profile at a dating agency and want to get to know you.

An email scam is simply a case where some volume operation (could be a man or a woman, and may be in Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, or New Jersey) contacts you by email, engages you in communication, and eventually attempts to bait you into sending money. Often they will post very appealing profiles on,, or a Russian dating site like Ukraine or Russian and receive many thousands of responses.

Or, in some cases, the girl writing you actually posts her own pictures.

By the way, you may notice some girls on multiple sites with matching pictures and descriptions.

The picture in the profile was just the bait used by Russian scammers.

After harvesting your email address like this (or any one of many other methods), Russian scammers start on their email sequence.

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They just put all the email addresses they can collect through this method into a database for later use.