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Most kinds of NSXMLNode objects have values associated with them.

The NSXMLNode class lets you set a node’s value either to a string object or to some other type of object.

This license is the same as the MIT/X Consortium license.

If you are building Expat from a check-out from the Git repository, you need to run a script that generates the configure script using the GNU autoconf and libtool tools.

Also, run Office Updates at to ensure the latest version is installed.

Quark XML Author explicitly uses these latest features.

By converting the values of these nodes from strings (), your application can perform calculations directly with the object values of the nodes.

Run the script like this: Once this has been done, follow the same instructions as for building from a source distribution.

Changing the string value is simply a matter of finding a particular node and sending Setting the value of a node to an object other than an NSString object can give you certain advantages.

As an example, suppose your application has element nodes for such financial values as item price, quantity, tax, and total.

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