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Updating ldap

Let’s assume we are using Dir Sync with a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) server and that we wish to modify the LDAP filter to only include user objects in the telecommunications department (Telecomm).

In addition to the information commonly found in telephone books, this directory also contains information such as e-mail addresses and links to Personal Web pages, if they exist.Seriously Sys Aid, why would you make this change and not give us a way to control this hard coded time frame of 3 hours?And stopping, restarting the server is not an acceptable answer.What do I have to do to put this back to the way it used to be? Kevin Hi Keven, I had a remote support session with Alona from Sys Aid this afternoon, and on examining a couple of remote RDS sites using LDAP, a configuration change was found as follows: In C:\Program Files\Sys Aid Remote Discovery\root\WEB-INF\conf\ we opened the file Discovery Service.properties in The section- server.url=http\://rds.url=http\://SERVERNAME\:8080 This was changed to server.url=https://rds.url=https://SERVERNAME\:8080 Obviously servername.com/SERVERNAME would be what your server is.The RDS service was then restarted on the remote servers and LDAP refreshed worked pulling in the new users.

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