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We understand that residents are (understandably) upset about a Nazi living in their midst and spreading propaganda, just please be mindful of that.

reports on Nazis — 900 Reasons to Defy Racial Supremacism – But You Only Need One – by Jeffrey Imm — Why It is “Right” to Reject Racism — What to Do About Racial Supremacism – LOVE WINS – by Jeffrey Imm — We Have A Responsibility – by Jeffrey Imm — August 28 – Call for End to Racial Hate and Division at Robert E. The “Nazi” and “white nationalist” Stormfront hate organization is actively promoting the February “American Renaissance” conference, still scheduled for the Washington DC area for the weekend of February 20 and 21. The Stormfront leader Don Black has attended previous American Renaissance national biannual conferences in the Washington DC area in 2006 and in 2008. Reardon’s most recent address (removed do to being evicted) close to the area where the flyers were put up and where those cops were ambushed. Reardon recently was working as a Desktop support engineer at a law firm , but we have confirmed that he has not worked there for several months.It also appears that Reardon was trying to go onto Nazi website The Daily Stormer recently while working and apparently using the Wireless network of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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We have also been informed that someone damaged a car of another resident of Reardon’s building.