Singer sewing machine dating site problems updating iphone 5 to ios 7

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Singer sewing machine dating site

Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website.

Here you can look up your serial number and find out when your.

Dating Singer sewing machines by their serial numbers.

For most owners of any Slant-needle model this will be incorrect.

The Singer was the first model to be manufactured and the Model Number Tag was simply Not to get confused with Elizabethport, USA, that did not use a letter suffix, starting in January Singer identified the Anderson, South Carolina factory by placing the letter suffix "A" after the model number, hence the A.

After the last Slant-needle, Singer Model A, sewing machine was manufactured in the Anderson plant stayed open for many years afterwards with 3 manufacturing lines: Sewing Machines, Floor-care products vacuum cleaners and Power Tools.

This site is provided as an information resource for people wanting to know more about domestic Singer sewing machines and their accessories.

In particular it is aimed at the ever increasing number of more discerning machinists who are fed up with their modern ‘plastic’ machines and want to return to an era when they were in control, and not an electronic chip hidden inside the machine itself.

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Singer sewing machines can be dated by using either the model number or serial number, although you may be able to better pinpoint an exact year of manufacture using the serial number.