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Signs of abusive dating relationships

However, there is quite a high chance that their violent behaviour will continue.Abusers can be super-charming people, especially if they’re trying to make you or others see them in a good light.It’s not always obvious that you’re in an abusive relationship. It’s common for someone who is being abused to believe that it’s their own fault and that they somehow ‘deserve’ the abuse.It’s important to know that you’re An abusive relationship isn’t just limited to physical violence.Not only is this untrue, it sets the precedent for more control and mental and emotional abuse; sadly, these forms of control will often lead to physical abuse.That said, just because someone does not hit you does not mean that you are not being abused.

If any of these indications speak to you, it would behoove you to slow the relationship and reassess your truths.

(This is known as ‘gas-lighting’.) Statistically, though, if someone behaves violently once, they’re very likely to do it again.

'Maybe it's fault' You may begin to think that you’re to blame for your partner’s abusive behaviour.

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This will be the case in all areas, and it will include all the times that they were actually at fault.

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