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Intercargo provides a worldwide network for all of your freight needs, with guaranteed and time-defined services, supported by preferred carriers.

Intercargo offers fixed schedules on all main routes.

In order to improve efficiency, a vehicle can be arranged for loading and unloading at multiple locations when there is not enough cargo to be transported.

Carriers have to plan the route and timetable to achieve this form of economies of scale . Warehouses around the world enable us to provide our customers with cargo consolidation and storage.

After all, small-volume consolidation can help you eliminate unnecessary shipping costs.

A consolidator(usually a freight forwarder or carrier) concentrates the cargo of different shippers into one consignment and ship them to different consignees in the same destination.

Freight consolidation is an effective ways to implement the cost-saving for manufacturers and importers.

They pay lower shipping costs by using this service.

It is cheaper to ship goods by sea freight than by air freight.

In this case, you do not need to book a full container shipping for your goods because the minimum quantity is small.

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However, the strongest argument against this mode is that it take more the transit time.

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