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Sex shat mmbil

i of hope ifoxtr hxmlfand ii noi Ao ihoxt^h Ue** o/ ihe home a* mine has heen. When yoxi v/ant (-arnitvi/te and ru^A yo AL^ht v/he Ae J did, vf am plea Aed. Look Over This List of Parlor Furoiture CENTRE TABLES Mahogany Centre Tables, 20 -v 20, round 9^.50 i Mahogany Centre Tables, dull wax fini^sh, 22 x 32, oval shape ....;..

A-ut now he loo ii ^lad thai we've /ixcd -up our /ba A/o A. .00 Mahogany Centre Table, 28 x 28, round, with shaped edge- 24 inch f 12.00 [ Solid Quarter Cut Golden Oak Centre Tabled, 18 inches, ; square ., ^3.50 1 Solid Quarter Cut Golden Oak Centre Tables; 15 x 15, | square .....

Robertson, of Nanalmo, left yesterday on a visit to friends In Spolcane, Wash.

amp lett yeilerdajr on a visit to Port- ■iand, Oi'e* ''.?! » Miss Lll Me Baffin i Sas returned to her Home In Dnm;«n C«ii^r a pleasant Visit With friends In Victoria.

On February $, the King and Queen will open parliament In state. Two measures have prepared on the subject of state insurance, oai» rc- tatl Bf to sicknees and Invalidity and the ««Uier t« unemployn^t. and the Con Servatlvo M who captur M scats at the gepei^l election. He mys- teriously dls«^V«*i N« four days after a fight with lawisrw Bte* Th«p« are SOO Insurrsoto B maaibiflnir Caaanea «nd the mayor of tha ti'tif. ;^ aic** *.h(*t are gon*,» ■aid th* tldrd aelmitlft "Tiwr* i^^e sottt* fooihfl^ •!

In the new parliament the govent; ment has promised to Introduce other bills of national importance. JM|nh«r t^port from Canaasa say* it |f ballsved Colonel Kosterlitsky M coniprflned there In * hospital by «*v«r« wounds. "-^ — '■^ hif ' - ' \' ■■ Ba Mto Wtih Uliitor* BANFRAKCISC^. Flumertelt waa hoeteca of Thuradar Contrtbut«4 by Mr.

We havf fn mind ono Inatance, namely ' the ftn* «tsttlem#nt that ts •piinffinc up *c Ch* hoith end ot Vancouver laland. Mia* Qavdtn went ovisr to Beatt W go Friday on a ahart- visit.

And yet we may remind thin News that prosperoiis settlements are even now grov Hng up in localltlea which, from the point of view of pt30- pie in the cities, are a|mbat Inacces- sible. •tc, w« «»n ra Ufy* Mun* «r4 «u«mnt«« Mittoftoc Ucui.'' '' ^ W« mal M no oh MS« (or ciannf Inatlon. Littie & Taylor Watahi Mhara, Jtmralani and Of Aialana «11 Pert ttr Mt SOCIAL Am P EBSOWM. liump Goal we double acroen, 'TIS free fro H« Mack and hard and clean. *1Q»e Uvered prompt.", our patrons cry, ♦i We buy the »est: We burn V: 1." TEL.. G, Mchard8 arrived by the Princess Victoria from Tacoma, where she has been vlsltfiif her son, Dr. Mr, Bowser and the Mainland contingent In the Ltftolature whose homes are near at h Sex shat mmbil-47Sex shat mmbil-42Sex shat mmbil-12

The Diamond Department of our business has been growing so steadily during our years of serving the public, that today we have facilities and direct connections, together with a fund of knowledge and practical experience, that makes our advice valuable —and we shall be very glad to advise with you re- garding any prospective purchase- Other gems, as well, will be found here in careful selection and goodly assortment, and always at prices which — quality considered — will be found most fair. OTHER MEASURES OF HMPORTANCE Bills To Provide For Insurance Against Sickness And Un- employment—Abolition Of Plural Voting J^wellert •THE GIFT CBNTRB- 1017 Government Street X The Btore That Servee Pou Bestr. Bal- four will preside at a dinner at the Con- stitutional club on Fsiiruary Ith, to td4^t Mr. Stylish Gats at $10 and $6 There are not many of these but what there are should certainly be cleared out to- morrow, for there is no denying that the prices are shamefully law. Thi'" are Irok three to five, lor instance^ m^f of them I^H i M kitchen «nd receptbn hall A hatl Mtjom «f course 14 In The entire building t s h^t^ thr^i^i^hinifc wi|h «te«^ domestic ^lirodiiet is cotineeted to ttfe hl Hfc _. _ One ol the most modem m4 eop^tenleiftt ftmiiifii to Ul^^tiiidfii thlsb^ltdki«r 18 the Atttott Mi Ac Ihissettger levator. LM Advertisers Please Take Notice Ovt M CK tk« •^ammmtfr Iwnrc Mte* «*Mi MMto, »«iiw M*4a. It la ••CMMilr (%M ftlt'cayy ' calls "a floating ballot," and which It urges the government to take up at an early day. w Cifc#«tiiiiii-ii»;iif»'|t*|i/,;,,j| 8(ri Bd Mahofiny j Tea Tabiea, 23 inch, fttflid Jtll Miian^ Foldii^ T«« tg»^ Solid Qtmrter ^4it Qtkf Qottfm Ftn Jtfc Yrar ' itfid'' vtaiid .

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