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Sex dating macedonia

(5) If the crime is committed by a legal entity, the legal entity shall be subject to a fine.(6) The real estate and objects used for the crime to be committed shall be confiscated.- Prostitution is considered a violation against the public order (Article 19 from the Law on public order violation) and penalized as an administrative offence, while other activities such as procuring sexual services, encouraging sex work, and earning by facilitating the provision of sexual services are treated as criminal offences ((Mediation in conducting prostitution): (1) A person who recruits, instigates, stimulates or entices another to prostitution, or a person who in any kind of way participates in handing over another to someone for performing prostitution, shall be punished with imprisonment of five to ten years.(2) A person who because of profit enables another to use sexual services shall be punished with imprisonment of three to five years.Emergency contraception is not included in national guidelines for family planning or covered by social security and in practice, only gynecologists are prescribing it.- Information and counselling on contraceptives are lacking and contraception represents a taboo subject.- Selling sex: 600-800 euro fine The Criminal Code does not explicitly prescribe the age of sexual consent.Every sexual act committed by a person age 15 and above upon a person under age of 14 is treated as a sexual assault (Criminal Code Article 188).

Momentary murder, Article 125: A person who takes the life of another momentarily, brought into a state of strong irritation or as a consequence of family violence without his own fault, by an attack or with heavy insult from the murdered person, shall be punished with imprisonment of one to five years. To mete out punishment, General rules to mete out punishment, Article 39: (1) The court shall mete out a punishment to the offender within the limits prescribed by law for that crime, having in mind the criminal responsibility of the offender, the weight of the crime and the aims of the punishment.

(Sexual assault of a juvenile under the age of 14): (1) A person who commits statutory rape or some other sexual act upon a juvenile under 14 years of age shall be punished with imprisonment of at least eight years.

(2) If the crime from paragraph 1 is committed by a blood relative in direct line of kinship or a brother, i.e.

Marital rape is not explicitly criminalized but is treated as any other act of rape regardless of the relation between the victim and perpetrator.

The punishment for the offender is up to ten years imprisonment.

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(2) Hereby, the court shall have in mind all the circumstances that have influence upon decreasing or increasing the punishment (extenuating or aggravating circumstances), and especially: the level of criminal responsibility, the motives for the perpetrated crime, the extent of endangerment or damage to the protected goods, the circumstances under which the crime was committed, the contribution of the victim in the perpetration of the crime, the previous life of the offender, his personal circumstances and his behavior after the perpetrated crime, as well as other circumstances that concern the personality of the offender.

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