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Grand pastures also made the land ideal for herding and grazing cattle.

Its inhabitants received land grants from Wethersfield leaders.

Later the roads would be called the Berlin Turnpike, Main Street, Willard Avenue, and Church Street.

The town extended four miles in a north-south direction and three miles in an east-west direction.

Known as “West Farms,” the area west of the central portion of Wethersfield became settled by those who were almost exclusively the descendants of the earliest Wethersfield settlers.

In 1721, the “western” farmers requested that the General Assembly of the Connecticut Colony give their land the name “Newington” to denote “the new town in the meadow.” The Assembly granted the request, even though it took another 150 years before Newington officially became an incorporated town. Newington’s motto inscribed on its town seal is “growth and progress,” which it began putting into effect at the end of the eighteenth century.

Newington grew in population and area by the second half of the nineteenth century.Newington is a town in Hartford County, Connecticut, United States. While not established officially as a separate town until 1871, settlers from nearby Wethersfield took up residence on the western frontier of their riverside town in 1636.Located 8 miles (13 km) south of downtown Hartford, Newington is an older, mainly residential suburb located in Greater Hartford. “West Society,” as some called it, was an area rich in timber that was used for pipe staves, barrel-sized containers used for colonial trade.The trolley began service in Newington in 1894 and connected Hartford and New Britain.The ride from Newington to the city took 20 minutes and cost five cents.

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Not only did residents marvel at the invention, but took note of its revolutionizing force; it was now possible to live in Newington and to work in surrounding cities.