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Ray j dating floyd mayweather ex

Mayweathers fiance, Shantel Jackson, who is from Miami and was reportedly a former call girl in Atlanta, is still with the boxer, much to Princess Loves anger.All Mayweathers women dislike Jackson, as she is his fiance. During her initial part of the career, she used to work as a stripper. Princess Love is a fashion model, a fashion designer, and a reality TV star.Queen Princess Love Princess Love thought smooth talker Ray J was about to make her famous with a reality show and more money that Mayweather was giving her, via a spin off of the scandalous "Love And Hip Hop" show.

And in January 2015, they exchanged the engagement ring. Before this, she was in a relationship with a boxer, Princess Love is a California-born reality show star. Additionally, she is also a Fashion designer and a model. She was born in Oakland in the state of California in the United States. For her education, she went to Texas Southern University.

That’s understandable, but going and doing it anyway after saying they didn’t want to seems kind of odd. She has her own place on the show, but really it’s no different from anyone else. But again, fame does strange things and she went willingly onto the show with the idea perhaps that it would help her to gain more exposure and increase her level of fame to insure that her brand became even stronger. In fact they can make pretty good money if they’re good at what they do. Depending on how the relationship went this could have been a big feather in her metaphorical cap or a burden that she’s done with and would rather forget.

That might sound horrible with the knowledge of what they actually do, but the idea is that they do manage to make the kind of money that allows them to support themselves and their families if they have them. Dating a superstar in any field is something a lot of women would love the chance for but those that have done it might be able to give other women a few pointers that might make them think twice about it. She split from Ray-J due to the fact that he was caught cheating on her.

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getup, trying to be the Prince of Zamunda like Eddie Murphy.

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  1. Other lowlights included a convoluted claim by Rivell that Margera cheated on her with singer and actress Jessica Simpson, which Margera admittedly did not help with his own cagey statements on the matter.

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