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However, most of us would probably admit that we learned some valuable things about ourselves from past mistakes and mishaps.

Most would agree that our biggest regrets are related to the opportunities and experiences that we didn’t seize when we had the chance.

Instead of letting the long road of disappointments and closed doors discourage her, Ball refused to give up and found a way to create her own destiny and achieve the success that she had worked so hard for.

We live in a culture where most of us just want to fit in.

Few people may realise that beyond the laughter and crazy shenanigans that Ball is so well known for, she was a trailblazing businesswoman who mapped out her professional path and keenly took advantage of opportunities that came her way.

These people range from actors & scientists, to controversial figures in the news.

It’s important to remember, however, that true personal and professional success is achieved through tenacity and hard work.

Very seldom does “luck” play a substantial role in building a solid and promising future.

He is currently at the top of his game but his rise to prominence was far from ease.

The Portuguese star has had his fair share of struggles but his thirst for perfection kept him going and made him the greatest of all time.

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