Playing cat and mouse dating

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Playing cat and mouse dating

So, when Dale and I were dating and we got married, we were trying to find any tools on how to make this work as smoothly as possible, and so we played the "cat and mouse" game, but we found ourselves confused. And while I was taking on and expected to take on the “important things” to make sure the entire family has this wonderful umbrella over it with my wonderful ... I felt like, well, Jonalyn, because she is the mouse, she needs to do the things I don't believe are important, like - she could take care of the house, and she could, you know, do the dishes, and when we have kids she could be the one who takes care of the children.

And what is interesting is that while I was believing that, I had a lot of Christian men even encouraging me that I needed to make sure that I kept my wife in her place. I mean, I thought the man is the head of the wife, the man is the head of the woman, that these scripture passages meant that the man was the authority over the wife. Number two - make sure all the meals are put together, the kitchen is your domain.

Third, if you are going after a girl you like then go after her like a man. You don't necessarily have to say it to her directly but you can let her know through your actions. Girls like to be lead, and if you want something you shouldn't be afraid to take it.

Second, don't waste your time with girls who play games. Who ever gave you that advice is probably still a virgin.

And the rest of us watch you walk in and all we think is: (exhales) here comes trouble. Some of you don't want to play the game, and you are in a dating relationship and you didn’t play that game, and some of you don't wanna play the game and you feel like that your only choice really is just to be single and to barricade yourself with purity rings and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting …

And then you wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you don't wanna play that game, you don't feel fit for it. What we wanna say this morning is that the "cat and mouse" romance is built on a model that in the end is very confusing. And, you know, it's not that we really talked about it, it's just assumed.

So those two questions, the first one for the women. Women, have you ever felt like there just aren't enough good men initiating and asking women out? Do you ever feel like they are just not initiating enough?

And so they end up becoming a rival to each other, even though it looks like one is bigger than the other one and chasing him around. That’s the way I think a lot of our dating relationships begin.

And some of you are really attractive and you know how to play the "cat and mouse" game, and when you walk into the room, you know the power you have.

After you hang out with a girl send her a text with in the first hour and let her know that you had a good time and you want to do out with her again.

Set up the time and place of the next meet when ever both your schedules allow it. You have to build up to it and make sure she is comfortable with you being in her space.

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