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Lonly dating

Indeed researchers are calling loneliness an epidemic and have linked it to everything from an increased risk of developing certain health conditions to a decreased life expectancy. Research aside, Johnny and I hear this sentiment about being lonely——echoed year after year by the women that we work with. So you’re a single, warm-hearted and spiritual woman who longs to be with her sweetheart.

How does texting or even talking on the phone with one of your girlfriends compare to sitting down to chat with her over coffee or a good glass of wine?

The single men of the world are literally at your fingertips. Which is totally fine…IF you’re content being on your own through life.

Gone are the days of being limited to just your neighborhood or small town. And yet there are still a lot of single women out there.

Meeting new people as you learn something new is a dynamic one-two punch that really makes a difference!

When you put down your phone and put in the effort to show up and learn alongside other warm and welcoming women, you’re going to stop feeling lonely pretty quickly. That’s right, getting out of your house, up off the couch really IS an important step to attracting soulmate love.

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Sure, phone and video calls are better than nothing.

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