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According to The New York Post (which is scanned in as the last pictures), witnesses claim the get-together was very date-like, with Gyllenhaal very much the nervous boy.He sat, fidgeted and frequently checked the time (inset), but brightened up with a grin when he spotted his date. He added: “I completely respect Natalie’s possible regret in dating me (to be fair, I would probably regret dating me, too), but it doesn’t alter the actual facts of our brief romantic history.” The couple married in 2012 and have two children.Prior to her relationship with Millepied, the actress dated musician Devendra Banhart. Her other rumored boyfriends include Jake Gyllenhaal and her era Patrick Swayze, and Joey Mc Intyre from New Kids on the Block. When received a call saying Mc Intyre — who’d she’d worshipped in her younger years as a NKOTB fan — wanted to go out with her, she declined. I didn’t want him to think I was going to, like, date him,” she said.She’s quirky, smart and loves history, reading; she’s a great and well-rounded person.She and Jake took things slow, but are now pretty serious,”Previously, Jake Gyllenhaal’s romantic linked with Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, and Kirsten Dunst created the headline.Well, she is in the merit of the slender figure with five feet and ten inches height. She frequently travels to vivid places for a modeling project.According to the feeds, gym trainer named Don Saladino coached the model four days a week in the gym.

Then, there’s that dramatic relationship with Taylor Swift.

They hugged, kissed, then strolled along until arriving for an early dinner at The Spotted Pig on West 11th Street, according to eyewitnesses. Whether they are truly dating, or not, there is no way that Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't want to be dating Natalie Portman.

The French model, social media star, Jeanne Cadieu is a sought-after name following the romantic affair with the actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.

The actress felt the need to set the record straight after the 53-year-old musician described what he saw as a romantic relationship between himself and the actress in his new memoir, “I was surprised to hear that he characterized the very short time that I knew him as dating because my recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school,” the Oscar-winning actress told Harper’s Bazaar. “That he used this story to sell his book was very disturbing to me. He writes about kissing the actress “under the centuries-old oak trees” on the Harvard campus, where she was a student at the time.

Moby was 33 at the time he claims to have been involved with Portman.

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