Is gabriella and troy dating

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Is gabriella and troy dating

He was a freshman on the basketball team who totally idolized Troy and wanted to be a huge star on the team just like him! Remember in High School Musical 2 when Gabriella broke up with Troy and they sang "Gotta Go My Own Way" while she left the country club?

Or in High School Musical 3 when she thought she wasn't going to be able to come back for prom in order to go with Troy? But, we also totally understood why she couldn't. In "I Want It All" from High School Musical 3, Sharpay got to live her wildest fantasies in a daydream as she tried to convince Ryan that the two of them should become famous together.

How would he balance his interests with his social life and his girlfriend?

She performed the whole song, complete with costumes and backup dancers and an elaborate set, for him right there by the pool.

Her fantasy included her being the biggest star on Broadway with Troy as her biggest fan and Gabriella as her personal assistant which was totally hilarious to see.

In one part of the song, Gabriella answers to the phone and says someone is calling for them. In High School Musical 2, Sharpay pulled Troy away from his responsibilities working at the country club so she could perform a special song for him.

But it's not like that stopped her from always trying which is what really counts, right?

In High School Musical 2, she thought that having a select member or members of the student body from her high school would help her get closer to someone that she had a huge crush on.

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In short, she just wanted all the finer things in life - basically, like the name suggests, all things fabulous.

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