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Intimidating sports team names

These are the 25 best nicknames ever given to athletes. During his playing days, he was one of the best players of his generation and he was known for always coming up big when the Jazz needed it most.

Since he delivered when the stakes were highest, he developed his great nickname.

I’ll pick one major league pro sports, one college, and one minor league one: Pro sports: The NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

Formerly the Mighty Ducks (after the movie series) when they were owned by Disney, they’re now just a bunch of quackers. Jazz is great, but it’s not intimidating—and the nickname made sense when they were the New Orleans Jazz, but it’s up there with the L. Lakers (formerly Minnesota Lakers) for names that made sense before the move and are now just head-scratchers. Slugs are silly enough, making them banana slugs adds produce insult to gastropod injury. There are other options whose name is maybe less intimidating on its own, but the fact that College Park has embraced the absurdity with the catchphrase Fear the Turtle in recognition of the silliness of their mascot merits a mention.

If anything, the name 'cubs' conjures up images of cuddly playmates, the type you wouldn't mind meeting. The Los Angeles Angels Not only are angels generally a blessing to whoever encounters them, but the name in context makes it even worse: the Los Angeles Angels literally translates to "The The Angels Angels". The webbed feet, longs beaks, and comical noises don't exactly project power.

One claims when he arrived in the major leagues, he would say things like "hey, say hey man" and that's how he got his nickname.The Utah Jazz Hide yo' wife hide yo' kids, here comes... Maybe it's scary because its so dissonant, but other than a few poorly trained musicians, a little Jazz never hurt nobody. If they're trying to intimidating, almost anything would be better suited. The Minnesota Twins The only thing twins have scared is a parent who was only expecting one in the delivery room. You couldn't just make yourselves the Maple LEAVES and keep everyone happy? Defeating opponents with their smooth moves and spirit fingers? Are you going to throw a tantrum at the opposing team? The Kansas City Royals If power and prestige is what the team name is going for, they have failed. How we describe our athletes is a big way of developing how we feel about them.Some great athletes end up with awesome nicknames out of luck and some develop them because a nickname just makes sense for their playing style.

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