Interro dating uk who is sanaa lathan dating now

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Interro dating uk

Some saw Martin, who had experienced multiple break-ins, as a victim who was simply defending himself and his home.

Others saw him as a vigilante who took the law into his own hands.

The farmer, who was diagnosed with paranoia, depression and as having Asperger’s syndrome, eventually served three years in prison, after an appeal saw his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Channel 4 are billing The Interrogation as a “verbatim drama”.

Pemberton may be most associated with his comedy work (including Benidorm), but he also has a strong dramatic acting CV – especially when it comes to crime thrillers Whitechapel and Happy Valley.

The other two central cast members of The Interrogation are Daniel Mays and Stuart Graham, who are playing the detectives that interviewed Martin.

Executive producer Peter Beard has worked on acclaimed factual series 24 Hours In Police Custody, while writer/director David Nath has made both documentaries and dramas, including his BAFTA-winning trilogy The Murder Detectives, debut film The Watchman, and Unspeakable.

When 18-year-old Owen asked out Rochelle, he was expecting a nice, simple date.Featuring some notable names, it focuses on the intense three days when Martin was interviewed by the police on suspicion of murder.Steve Pemberton, perhaps best-known for his work as co-creator, writer and performer in The League of Gentlemen and Inside No 9, stars as Martin.He tells us: ‘Quite surprised when I woke up the next morning seeing how big the video had got but glad people could take some enjoyment and relate to it being an older sibling but at the same time realising it was all in the name of comedy.’ Luckily, Shaquille’s questioning didn’t put Owen off, and he is still currently happily dating Rochelle – though the next step is for him to meet the parents, and we’re hoping they aren’t quite as full on as Shaquille was.Interrogation is a game in which two performers are police officers interrogating a third, who plays a suspect in a given crime.

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But uncomfortable or not, both he and Shaquille have become viral sensations after the video was retweeted more than 26,000 times – which is pretty amazing considering Shaquille described the video to uk as nothing more than a ‘spur of the moment thing’.