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In other circumstances it does not have to be firm or absolutely certain.

A mixture of substances which contains an amount of a dangerous drug will be regarded as a dangerous drug.

Custody and deemed possession Despite the general requirements of knowledge, custody and control, NT law deems that drugs are in your possession if they are found in premises, which you occupied as a tenant, or you owned or managed, unless you can prove you didn’t know about the drugs and had no reason to suspect that drugs might be located in your premises.

Effectively, this law creates a presumption that you had possession of any drugs found in your house or business.

The police must prove more than the facts that you knew drugs were there and that you didn't report the drugs or object to them being there.

Therefore if you share a house and police find drugs in non-private parts of the house (say, the kitchen, lounge room or bathroom), it can be difficult to establish who has the sole custody or control of the drugs.

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There will be circumstances where, if you don't admit to owning the drugs or knowing about them, possession will be difficult to prove to the court as required by the law.