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Groupwise updating archive quickfinder indexes

Use proxyminreset periodically to prevent this potential security problem.

Use this option when running Analyze/Fix Databases for a post office.

First Time Sync: During the first sync, Riva creates and manages a set of folders in each user’s mailbox.

This folder contains “smart” folders that Riva uses to allow users to interact with Riva.

LOG" file in the root of the postoffice by using the WPTEST support option when running scheduled maintenance. TID 1059466 has the info for the basic GWCHECK 5.x options (called "switches" for GWCHECK 5.x). TID 2960743 had more info, but is no longer available.

This does not appear to work from GWCHKSRV launched from Console One or standalone GWCHECK. With GWCHECK 5.x the switches are invoked by placing them on the first line of a file called GWCHECK. Two examples: Removes references to lost attachment files, so that Quick Finder won't try to index them and generate errors. This switch is invoked by creating a text file callled "ITEMPURG" containing the subject line to be purged. Subject line, up to 27 characters, goes in 2nd line of GWCHECK. (SUBJECTLIST and SUBJECTPURGE are only available in GWCHECK from Group Wise version 5.5 SP4 and later, GW 5.5 EP SP2 and later, GW 6.0 SP1 and later). Performs extensive cleanup of messages (and attachments) that should not be there. See this Novell Knowledgebase query for "FORCECLEAN").

Normal Data Sync: Riva supports bidirectional and unidirectional data syncing between the CRM and Group Wise.

When bidirectional syncing is enabled, Riva syncs the calendar as follows: First Time Sync: Once a user has been added to a sync policy and Riva runs a first time sync against that user, Riva will sync task items from the CRM and create those as tasks items in the user's Tasklist in Group Wise.

Each email also includes a button or website link to open the module item in the CRM in either Edit or View mode.Those task items will appear in the user's Group Wise Tasklist and be colour-coded according to the Calendar page of the sync policy.When bidirectional syncing is enabled, Riva syncs tasks as follows: Normal Data Sync: Riva creates summary emails in the Exchange mailbox in the module folders of the drop folder structure, for example the Opportunities folder.Hi all: There doesn't seem to be a single TID covering all the support options available on the standalone GWCHECK, so I've attempted to gather them all here. Not all support options apply to all versions of GWCHECK, and some newer versions of GWCHECK have some support options that older versions don't.You can download the most recent version of GWCHECK from the Novell Product Updates site (and see TID 10011779).

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It can be partial text, but it must be the starting words (e.g., the first 27 characters of the subject) but everything that begins with the string you type will be purged and will NOT be recoverable. NGW checks verification record and settings changes; VRFIXUP. This is a possible security issue, since the error that tells when one database is copied on top of another will be overwritten.

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