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The book is published by Amazon Systems at £7.95 - quite pricey for a 128-page paperback, bul novice RPG programmers are sure to find it invaluable. 9 9 ) and atari st, c o m m o d o r e amiga at £ 2 4 . connected by a coded map hone style cable Tho-e are two veruons or me MEGA ST.

Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .la second lo none SILICA SHOP: Mr/Mrs/Ms: Initials: . (Jc Vrrri I ATE NIGHT: NONE L O N D O N 1)1-629 1 2 3 4 e x t 3 9 1 4 Svlfndges f 1st floor*. It's a sort of memory game: you pick pairs from a set of face-down cards.Surname: Address: SIDCUP (6c Mail O r d e r ) 0 1 - 3 0 9 1111 t-4 Tho Mews. Sidcup, Kent DAI4 4DX OPEN: MON SAT 9tm -5- 30pm -LATE NIGHT. pm L O N D O N 01-580 4000 | 52 Tottenham Court Rosd. There's just one snag - every time you win it gets a lot harder. THE OTHER STUFF REVIEWS INDEX THE NEWS MAILBAG HIGH SCORES THE CHARTS BUDGET ROUND-UP UPDATE RESULTS ARCADE HIGH SCORES NEXT MONTH AHTEOITOR ANDREA MA WALKER, AKA'MACK THE SCALPEL Wanted lor running guns to Sandanlste rebels in Tonbr Wge L Wells fraternising with colour reproduction homes and •vesting of ange Jumpers. unfortunate- ly afler ish 100 had gone to press So it s slapped hands all round for the culprits and a reprieve for one oppressed reviewer (it's okay lads, you can put the rope away now! CRACK DOWN 8 No sooner do N E C announce the forthcoming launch of the Portable PC Engine. Computer Gamesweek - 04% "Speedball « last, tuhous and graphically vary stylish" Th* On* - BO* 'Never in tn* fie W o( reviewing has such an excellent game been played by so many tor so long. Blood Money is a game you should try and buy without delay" C*VO Hit - ZZAP "Save ev*ry penny you can get your hands on and acquire Rocket Ranger' Amiga Formal - 90% "Those hke a good puzzle and a bfl o DC O CRACKDOWN COCK-UP Yes, there was a mistake in the Crackdown review last month - the price on C64 is 10.99. No, it was not our fault - those naughty folk at US Gold told us one orice and then changed it.

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Virgin (despite their heavy involvemeni in the Sega market), the machines are supposedly penned in for a September release. 2,99 Release Date- 9th April • I 11 C 1988 Elite Systems International Ltd. It® '6® 17* r® 17® It* l i t 8 "w Wm 7 4 91 1 844 13® i]® 7 4 ?