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Georgia tibilisi dating office

It is not something that one would obviously be waiting to see at Fabrika. A shop so beautiful, you want to become a plant and be placed in one of the shelves of this fresh and energetic place.

It offers a tone bread baked on the premises in a cylindr...

The shop is packed with interesting furniture, souvenirs, clothes and many different kinds of items that you definitely want to grab.

This family business is producing eco-friendly DIY furniture with no use of glue or screws. Multi functional cultural center - urban style cafes and bars, artist studios and shops, educational institutions, co-working space, the biggest in the region hostel, mind blowing open space courtyard and ever changing one-off events.

they will gladly invite you and show retro style shining “L... That speaks more about them than any of the written texts. So he launched his own burger place offering handcrafted gourmet burgers and classic sides: onion rings, fries and salads, using only natural local ...

When composing Fabrika’s project they had not only purely architectural vision for the new life of a former Soviet sewing factory but they also formed philosophy of this unique place. Every second one in Fabrika is holding the Asian box and sticks – they are from Ukve – Asian fast food.

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