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It was fortunate that the gentleman who conceived the idea of collecting these chronicles and of laying them before the public in an attractive form, possessed also the means ; fortunate, too, that, having the means to work out the idea, he was not afraid to use them.

5 as the present ; nor is it probable that any of their colleagues of the book-producing profession would have cared to t;ike upon themselves a burden, in one sense, so exhausting.


Designed- by Engraved by I'aye Hooiistein Richardson .

A book like this has not been produced without the asking of innumerable questions ; and those to whom they have been addressed, have, in no case, let them pass unheeded, though they had often, doubtless, many more pressing things to do than answering them.

^ THE GEORGE GRISWOLD, LADEN WITn BEEADSTUFF3 VIGNETTES OF MOUNT VERNON, SAVANNAH AND THE CAPITOL .... THE UNION VOLUNTEER REFRESHMENT j SALOON ' THE COOPER-SHOP REFRESHMENT SALOON A REGIMENT AT DINNER .... ONE REASON OUT OF FIFTY FOR A SAILORS HOME VIGNETTES : THE FAERAGUT FUND PORTRAIT OF ADMIRAL FARRAGUT . This stated, there is little else requiring notice in these preliminary pages. Our subject is the private generos- ity, the munificence, the philanthropy, of the War for the Union ; and no form in which money has been obtained — out- side of taxation, legislation, and appropriation, whether by states, counties, or towns — and expended for any purpose connected with the prosecution of the Avar, has been knowingly omitted. If the public finds The Tribute Book a welcome ad- dition to the shelf or the table, if it discovers that the frame is not altogether unworthy of the canvas, if it sees any reason to rejoice that American designers and engravers upon wood, American paper-makers, American printers and binders have been enabled, in the exercise of their several arts and handicrafts, to bestow a fitting dress upon a peculiarly American theme, it will doubtless be glad to know whom to thank. George Jones, once of Vermont, now of New York, one of the proprietors of the New York Times, is the projector and patron of this work. Without saying that the seventy millions' voluntary outlay will become seventy-one millions, if this enter- prise ends in disaster, we may hint that the responsibility is quite enough for one pair of shoulders, and that, large or small, it has been gallantly borne.

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These are not the annals of mercan- tile shrewdness, of wealth heaped up by toil or avarice, of riches painfully gathered by patience or speedily swept together by genius or fortune : they are the records of money given, not money earned ; of a labor of love, not of labor for hire and salary ; of purse-strings unloosed, of the latch-string hang- ing free, of self-assessment, of tribute rendered always willingly, often unasked.