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Free2way sex cam

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(I'm not any kind of military expert.) Wondering if the ship is heading out to the middle east? @peter, I’ve just started to view this camera after a few months off it and I can’t see any movement whatsoever!

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The Coronado Bridge can be seen at the far right of the 'live cam's' movement ,, which leads to a hole nother whirled.

En Joy En Joy July 24 - Hi Wisconsin Pam, Yes, the ship you spoke about is an aircraft carrier. It's named after the WWII Midway battle in 1942 in the South Pacific. It was then donated as a 501c(3) to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum Organization. It is quite majestic looking at nighttime on this webcam. J Funny, there seems to be a big military ship docked here.

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On July 3, 2004, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) became the official administrator of FAST.