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Thus, bullshit, in contrast to mere nonsense, is something that implies but does not contain adequate meaning or truth.This sort of phenomenon is similar to what Buekens and Boudry (2015) referred to as (p. [sets] up a game of verbal smoke and mirrors to suggest depth and insight where none exists.” Our focus, however, is somewhat different from what is found in the philosophy of bullshit and related phenomena (e.g., Black, 1983; Buekens & Boudry, 2015; Frankfurt; 2005).This asymmetry between belief and unbelief may partially explain the prevalence of bullshit; we are biased toward accepting bullshit as true and it therefore requires additional processing to overcome this bias.

The concern for “profundity” reveals an important defining characteristic of bullshit (in general): that it attempts to impress rather than to inform; to be engaging rather than instructive.We focus on pseudo-profound bullshit because it represents a rather extreme point on what could be considered a spectrum of bullshit.We can say quite confidently that the above example (a) is bullshit, but one might also label an exaggerated story told over drinks to be bullshit.Whereas philosophers have been primarily concerned with the goals and intentions of the .Moreover, this sort of bullshit – which we refer to here as pseudo-profound bullshit – may be one of many different types.

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In keeping with this hypothesis, Gilbert, Tafarodi and Malone (1993) found that depleting cognitive resources caused participants to erroneously believe information that was tagged as false.

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