Ex boyfriend on dating sites still contacting me elite dating group

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Ex boyfriend on dating sites still contacting me

This is because they understand that expressing themselves and indulging in fluid communication is more important than engaging in a mindless shouting match—or worse, giving one another the silent treatment.

[Read: 12 real reasons why so many couples drift apart over time] #6 There is no reading between the lines.

If there’s something wrong or if they can’t do something, they won’t hesitate to ask for help.

Men usually retreat into their man caves and hope that the problem goes away, which obviously doesn’t solve anything. Couples in female-led relationships express themselves better than others, giving them a higher chance of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

For example, instead of hinting for the male to pick up his socks, the female lead will simply tell him to do it and it gets done.

Establishing a solid hierarchy in a relationship is just as important as establishing one in a company.In any case, here are 11 reasons why a female-led relationship is simply awesome. Women are fully aware of everything that’s happening. From making dinner reservations, to keeping track of anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other important dates, I do it all.From knowing exactly when the cookies in the oven are done, to figuring out what’s bothering you, women are mindful of their surroundings and will do their best to ensure smooth sailing. There is no denying that a woman can juggle a full time job, keep the kids alive, ensure that the home is in order, and still keep the spark alive in the bedroom. Not once has the thought of letting him do it all crossed my mind.For men, it’s a pick-one-and-deal-with-it scenario. I don’t doubt his ability to do it; I doubt his ability to do it well.[Read: 8 relationship dates men should never, ever forget! From asking for directions, to signing up for marriage counseling, women don’t have the ego that men have.

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It is up to each couple to decide just how much power gets distributed amongst one another.

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