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For group of obligors sharing similar credit risk characteristics such as a RMBS or pool of loans, a PD may be derived for a group of assets that is representative of the typical (average) obligor of the group.

The PD of an obligor not only depends on the risk characteristics of that particular obligor but also the economic environment and the degree to which it affects the obligor.

To validate the proposed models, we estimate the asset correlations for 13 industry sectors using corporate annual default rates from S&P for years 1981-2011, and long-run PD and asset correlation for a US commercial portfolio, using US delinquent rate for commercial and industry loans from US Federal Reserve. An Explanatory Note on the Basel II IRB Risk Weight Functions, July 2005. Machine Learning 24: 123-140 [4] Chernih, A., Vanduffel, S., and Henald, L. Asset correlations: a literature review and analysis of the impact of dependent loss given defaults [5] Das, S., Duffie, D., Kapadia, N., Saita, L. [7] Demey, P., Jouanin, J., Roget, C, and Roncalli, T. Maximum likelihood estimate of default correlations, Risk, November 2004 [8] Friedman, J., Hastie, T., and Tibshirani, R. The Elements of Statistical Learning, 2nd edition, Springer [9] Frye, J. Correlation and asset correlation in the structural portfolio model.

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Credit scores, such as FICO for consumers or bond ratings from S&P, Fitch or Moodys for corporations or governments, typically imply a certain probability of default.

In this paper, we propose a Vasicek-type of models for estimating portfolio level probability of default (PD).

With these Vasicek models, asset correlation and long-run PD for a risk homogenous portfolio both have analytical solutions, longer external time series for market and macroeconomic variables can be included, and the traditional asymptotic maximum likelihood approach can be shown to be equivalent to least square regression, which greatly simplifies parameter estimation.

The risk of default is derived by analyzing the obligor’s capacity to repay the debt in accordance with contractual terms.

PD is generally associated with financial characteristics such as inadequate cash flow to service debt, declining revenues or operating margins, high leverage, declining or marginal liquidity, and the inability to successfully implement a business plan.

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