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Dns not updating active directory

For reverse lookup zones to work they use a PTR record that provides the mapping of the IP address in the zone to the hostname.

For example, I can look up the IP and see that it resolves to the hostname “nodaway”.

Without a reverse lookup zone and PTR record, I would not be able to do this. Unless you host your own email server or have an application that requires it may not be required.

Even if you don’t have requirements for them I still recommend setting them up because they are extremely helpful when troubleshooting.

Active Directory relies on DNS to function correctly.

Without it, many of the services would fail and most of your client computers would be unable to find the domain controllers.

An example of an environment where you would use a Linux-based BIND DNS server for your Active Directory is one that has a very large Linux Unix install base.

In the DNS console right click on “Reverse Lookup Zones” and Select “New Zone”This will start the new zone wizard.

A Linux BIND server is a very light-weight and fast DNS server.

You will not need a lot of hardware to power it in medium to large environments.

If you do not create these zones, they will automatically be created in the first zone’s database. All that’s remaining is for you to point your Windows server to the linux BIND server for DNS, and then promote it to an Active Directory domain controller.

The required DNS records will automatically be registered, and you will have a fully functional Active Directory domain, aside from the multi-master replication.

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Now, type in the start of the subnet range of your network.

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