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Dating wedding dresses

Because of this we do require appointments for all try on’s, ordering, fittings, and pickups. Our new, special order wedding gowns range from 0-00.When figuring out your budget, remember to add on for alterations and accessories as those items are separate and can add up quickly.During your appointment, you will be working one on one with a bridal stylist who will be dressing you in the gowns.Please bring or wear a strapless bra and appropriate underwear.Our goal is to ensure that your gown shopping experience is fun, easy, and memorable. After securing your date and venue, your next step will be your gown!It will be our pleasure to give you the white glove treatment in helping you select the gown of your dreams! Most brides don’t know that many gown designers can take up to 6-9 months to make a gown.

This ensures plenty of time for the gown to come in and leaves adequate time for alterations to be performed. We are a small boutique and pride ourselves on the incredible one on one attention we give all our customers.

If you plan on wearing mom’s veil, or grandma’s pearls, please bring those along too so that you can see how will look with your choices!

How come I see wedding gowns online for much cheaper than I do in a store?

Each bride gets her own private dressing room as well as guest viewing area.

There are no more than 3 brides in the salon at one time, so the environment is one of calm and tranquility while making your gown selection. No more than one bridal party at a time so you and your girls can choose the perfect complimentary dress for the bridal party.

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