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Dating mouth word

And social media — the modern incarnation of WOM — has fueled WOM’s power in the modern market.

The most compelling content directly relates to where your audience is and incites conversation.

Instead of simply giving them a promo code to blast across their social media channels, give them the tools to have one-on-one conversations with friends.

One way to do this is to set up multiple options on the recruitment page so that your brand ambassadors can recommend specific experiences to specific friends: a full-festival pass to one enthusiast, a one-day VIP pass to another.

But developing projects around ideas that haven’t been validated will only waste time.

But how to motivate them to help you actually sell tickets?

With the average consumer now exposed to about 4,000 ads a day, people are getting better and better at tuning out advertising.

Event brands need new ways to get the attention of potential ticket-buyers — both brand-new audiences and people who’ve already heard of your event.

Without incorporating valuable WOM data into your campaigns, you could be basing your brand messages on less reliable, more subjective and irrelevant data, jeopardizing your campaign’s success in the process.

WOM data offers unique insights into reader engagement that can help you tailor your message in fresh and creative ways.

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WOM is the most influential force on consumer behavior.

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