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I found them to be supportive and thoughtful during rough times.The only negative thing in had noticed was that they were very judgemental (when talking about other people) and his sister was immature.A few months ago, I ran a post about in-laws and the marriage relationship that really struck a chord in the Daly Focus community and resulted in good conversation in the comments section.I’m reposting the piece today because it dovetails perfectly with today’s broadcast, “Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Your In-Laws (Part 1 of 2).” Our guests, Drs.

But the fact that they went beyond that makes it a little more forgive. my in laws are something different iv read almost every comment but this comment is one for the books my inlaws want let there daughter grow up even tho she a grown beautiful women they want and if they dont get there way they seem to go and take it out on her like her mom told her if she had did something she would diss own her and she wouldnt be a part of the family or her mom would say she dont trust her at all i try to make them like me i do all the work they need done around there house i help them as much as possible but they just want change they constantly go behind our backs telling everyone im the worst guy and stuff when i have busted my a** to make them happy and please them but it seems there never happy they are always saying f you all or something stupid iv wanted my wife get out of it cause its way to much stress on her specially her pregnant now and all but idk what to do anymore anyone got any suggestions on how change them or make my wife realize it be better for her to let them go?

I was never made to feel that any of that behaviour was directed towards me UNTIL my husband lost his job.

Had been laid off for a while and searching for a new job. each individual person made their attempts to decide what our next move was. That he wasn't going to be successful if he didnt take their career advice.

He no longer talks to his family and says he does not have a desire to. I have reason to beleive that they know they've made mistakes even though they are to prideful to make a genuine admittance of error.

They have said "it was a stressful years and its difficult to say how clear any of us were thinking at that time." They did say alot of awful things about me and my family during those times.

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Jean’s mom and dad, Jerry and Pat, were married for over 58 years before Jerry’s passing just two years ago.

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