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Dating capodimonte marks

Only very few of the artists listed below have any kind of biography or information online. I did find a bio on Giuseppe Armani, which was a relief because at one point I was convinced he was a figment of the marketing men's imagination.

Some of the artists below might either be figments of a branding executives imagination, or indeed be a 'moonlighting name'.

Maria Angela Giuseppe Armani Enzo Arzenton Autunno Bassano Auro Belcari Beliori Belliore Luigi Giorgio Benacchio A. Scapinello)Volta Vopla Some of these artists were associated in the post war period with a company called the IPA (Industria Porcellane Artistiche) which was formed from previous company known as Industria Lombardo Porcellane Artistiche (ILPA), I think it was this company, beginning in the first half of the 20th century which must have been responsible for the mew style of caricature Capodimonte figures we have all become so familiar with where facial expressions and body movements show a lightness of character and humour.

These wares are often of high quality and are by no means fake.

Apart from the Armani Studio of Florence, I have compiled a list of artist signatures that feature in the marketing of the various Italian post war studios which sell figurines and figural groups under the general style of Capodimonte.

This list might help people who are trying to read a scribbled or illegible signature.

Figurines in the Armani Collection bear the following identifying marks: Factory designation, Copyright mark, Artist's mark or signature, Capodimonte Crown and "N", Limited Edition figurines are numbered.

Generally, whenever visitors ask me for a valuation, I send them straight to the following page which has been written especially to help you in your search for how to value your porcelain wares or china collection: unique identification & valuation help will allow you to see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront.

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it has a big (n) and a three d crown above it its made in italy can you tell me how old it is, and if its original thank you==========================Peter (admin) says:-There can be no such thing as a Capo di Monte fake as there is no single Capo di Monte factory.