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(that’s my actual given name listed on my birth certificate, not a nickname haha lol) I am in need of some advice. I’ve always been of petite build and right now I’m 5’1″” and about 120 lbs.

I’ve always been attracted to women of larger build than me. At first I thought it was because I look very young but I’ve had several tell me otherwise. That’s never actually been a problem with any of the plus sized women I’ve been intimate with but how do I get to that point if they dismiss my advances on appearance alone? Especially because I’ve never been particularly attracted to women my size. Just like you aren’t sexually attracted to petite women, some of these larger women aren’t gonna be into you no matter how you present yourself.

Her weekly blog entries offer cautionary tales and inspiring stories of success, as well as tips for interacting online. In that decadent playground, she blogs about fashion and fitness and, of course, finding love.

Now leading a double-life as blogger and publicist, she covers the trials and tribulations of being a plus-sized single girl (among other topics) in one of the world’s most image-obsessed markets.

I think back to a time a few years ago while in Italy, I was called a ‘prostitute’ while out in public with my ex who was a lot smaller because people couldn’t fathom that he could possibly find me attractive enough to want to be in a relationship with.

I speak as someone who is fat and who wants to one day be in a relationship with someone who finds me equally as attractive as I find them and doesn’t just find me attractive because of how much I weigh.

Heavier people can certainly face a different set of challenges on the dating scene, and our 10 Best Blogs for Plus-Size Dating were selected for the contentious, creative and fun ways they explore this field.

Bragging Rights: tales of a plus-size princess in NYC Plus-Size Princess Ce Ce left her West Coast kingdom for the magical island of Manhattan, where she blogs about learning the ups and downs of New York like from a curvy girl’s perspective.

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From fashion and fine dining, to ways to spark the romance, they cover it all with a saucy and sassy style. Social Clout: 104 likes URL: Bragging Rights: find the relationship you want to have Plus-Size Dating Site is aimed at plus-sized men and women interested in getting out of the house more.

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