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Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

Add some spice to your harmonica playing with the tips from this tutorial.Check out this instructional harmonica video to learn how to jam in E on the harmonica.This tutorial explains how to know what key you are playing in when playing in second position, or cross harp, in the key of E on the A.To play cross harp, you are playing the harmonica in a key other than the key in which the harmonica is labeled.In this video, we learn how to start out on the harmonica with Mike.

It can be played several ways, and this is one way known as "Stone Fox Chase in the tunnel." This tutorial is a great way to practice your harmonica skills.Overblowing is a technique used to produce a different pitch by changing the direction of the wind. Then walk it down by drawing on the 2 and then drawing on the 1.Watch this how to video and you can produce these techniques on the harmonica. Then he goes on to play a riff where he blows on the 1 and 4 holes and covers the 2 and 3 with his tongue.Learn how to bend and overblow notes on the harmonica with this tutorial.Note bending is a technique that is used to change the pitch of a note and reach notes that are not on the diatonic harmonica.

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In this instructional harmonica video, learn which of two methods to use when playing the harmonica.