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Danny Ocean’s 2016 chart-topper Separation isn’t a new topic among Cubans, who saw diaspora after the 1959 Revolution and subsequent mass exoduses. The exact number of couples in this situation is unknown, but based on the estimates of hundreds of thousands (615,000 Americans visited in 2016 alone and the number is expected to rise) of North American tourists, love is bound to swirl around mojitos and tobacco fields.Kiona Pilles, an American who runs the travel blog How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch, dated her Cuban boyfriend long-distance for nearly two years.Though, anyone who’s spent significant time here knows what I’m talking about. We all know what’s happening and we all keep our mouths shut. But I’m willing to share a few observations I’ve learned over the years. I know this is particularly hard and uncomfortable point to write, but they likelihood of your Cuban cheating on you while you’re not in Cuba is enormous.

Joined by other travelers and some locals – including one who would later become my friend’s long-distance fiancé – we chatted over tender pork and rice and beans. tourism in Havana, Americans are forming romantic bonds with people they meet on vacation, making the topic of long-distance love between the two countries more frequent.

It is kind of mastery - the way Cuban wives care about their families.

Hence, a marriage with such a woman guarantees you a warm daily welcome and great support in the cases when you really need it.

With wages low and opportunities even lower, for many the Cuban dream no longer is a dream inside the country. It unites the country in some bizarre melancholy way and everyone talks about it. And because of this, Cubans have tried various different methods to leave the island or make their situation on it much more comfortable. To the seemingly naïve foreigner, many don’t know what a “Jinetero” is. Ojos que no ven, Corazon que no siente (Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel). When there’s nothing to do all day and the culture very open with sex in general, the field is wide open.

Though, in Cuban culture, ‘jinetero” is a term we grow up with. Plus its also very hard to find out what you’re partner is doing inside the low connected island all day.

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For instance, she can be into Can a woman like that be not interesting? It is a great positive trait of Latina women: they never lie, and they are very sincere in what they show and say.

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