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In 1952, Batista Cuba again broke off its relationship with Moscow due to Russia’s communist affiliation.During this period and then after the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and even after Fidel Castro’s proud communist cry, Cuba was not viewed by Moscow as being of particular importance to Russia.Castro’s political shift could be seen as one of economic necessity.After the revolution, the Cuban middle class, dissatisfied with the new leadership’s political course, fled Cuba.In an interview with a Cuban newspaper, Raúl Castro revealed that the Soviet Union told Fidel during his visit to Moscow in 1983 that it would not defend Cuba if the U. However, eight years later it was the Soviet Union which imploded and triggered the fall of communist governments around the world.Cuba’s Survival After the Collapse of the Soviet Union After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia immediately began to throw the switches on its traditional economic relations with Cuba.In this agreement, the Soviet Union committed to purchase 425,000 tons of sugar in 1960, and from 1961 to 1964 one million tons sugar annually.Furthermore, Nikita Khrushchev granted Havana a 100 million U.

It is hardly surprising that Russia’s attempts to revive its relationship with the former ally are being closely monitored by the U.

Cuba, which once could sell a part of the cheap oil that it bought from Russia on the world market, was now finding it difficult to profit from the sale of its surplus oil.

Thereafter, Cuba focused almost completely on trade with the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries by the late 1980s.

Castro Becomes a Communist When Castro came to power in 1959, his revolutionary movement did not profess communistic ideology, but only two years later, he announced that he was a Marxist Leninist and would remain so until his death.

He also declared that the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations (IRO), the precursor of the Communist Party of Cuba, was formed by the merger of Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Revolutionary Movement and the People’s Socialist Party.

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As a result, Cuba became nearly totally dependent on the Soviet Union.

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