Courtney robertson dating old rich guy

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Even worse, Dylan claims Courtney continued to see this sugar daddy right until she left to film the Bachelor.

Unlike her other quick relationships, Courtney‘s relationship with Dylan was downright long-term.

IF BEN PICKED COURTNEY, HOW LONG DO YOU GIVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP? It’s time for your biweekly dose of Courtney Robertson news!

The Bachelor contestant, who is vying for Ben Flajnik’s love, just can’t seem to get her mean little head out of the news, with tales of her non-committal relationships to powerful men. Apparently, skinny dipping on a network television show was just the tip of the iceberg!

Cameran Eubanks asked Whitney: parties regardless of his sexuality and is in to some pretty kinky stuff.

Obviously the jury is still out on this verdict, but I will certainly be looking for a lot more air quotes and looking to see if Whitney takes more trips to Monaco.

Apparently, she has a routine: “She knows exactly what to say to guys. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?

I was hesitant to even explore this one because it seemed pretty unlikely, but tonight on the show when co-star Craig Conover talked about 46-year-old Whitney Sudler-Smith’s new Austrian girlfriend in air quotes and implied how convenient it was that she lived overseas I decided I had to at least examine the evidence. One, the lack of a serious long-term girlfriend—well he does have a girlfriend but she is 25 years his junior and lives in another country—actress/model Larissa Marolt. Three, his obsession with BFF Thomas Ravenel and his disdain for Thomas’ new girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

They reportedly dated for two years, and lived together for one.

Another source reports that Courtney left Dylan when she realized he was not as wealthy as she thought.

However, back in Ben-land, he is still falling in love with her.

In his last blog for , he explains what it is that he sees in Courtney.

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