Bible studies dating couples

Posted by / 10-Dec-2019 08:30

As you grow in your connection with one, it will lead you to grow in your connection in the other two areas.If you are married, you know that when you’re connecting on an emotional level with your spouse your physical connection is much better.

Talk openly with each other, and pledge to start together from a new fresh place.2) Determine What You’ll Study in Your Couples Devotions. Sometimes my husband and I have read a chapter of Proverbs and then prayed together.

My husband and I have developed some simple guidelines for regularly reading a couples devotional together.

Again, these aren’t a list of “shoulds” and “musts” but mindsets. Maybe your marriage devotional times have been hit-or-miss, or simply non-existent.

There is always drama involved with student ministry.

Sure, as student pastors we do our best to minimize that drama, but you will never be able to get rid of it altogether.

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Our couples Bible time became habitual (and powerful) when we finally said—with humble, teachable hearts—“Jesus, we know you want us to be spending time with you together on a daily basis.