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And adam rodriguez dating

I forgot to mention that he probably doesn't take his shirt of because he can get a little mushy around the boobies. He was also commenting on my body and how nice it was, asking me how I stayed in such great shape. I like Emily and heard she might be gay (hope she is) but don't like them together. The only character Adam's ever had chemistry with was Speedle (Rory Cochrane), and Delko's seemed emotionally stunted since Speed's death.An IAB investigator even intimated there were "unresolved feelings" for Speed that caused Delko's thrill-seeking behavior in S3-S4. ' In terms of a season opener, this is my favorite.He showed an enormous propensity for comedy on Ugly Betty that he'd been denied on CSI, where he wasn't even allowed to smile. I heard a rumor that he cheated on his girlfriend fucking R&B singer Melanie Fiona.

He's 35 now and wants to fuck another several hundred before settling a serial dater..doesn't do one-night stands, but he's rarely with a girl more than a month. He basically does what most straight guys (and gay guys) wish they could do. He is circumsized, but he's only a little bit above 6 inches.[quote]I started facing the headboard, and he made me move so that we were both facing the mirror. That clip at r102 is the first time Ive seen Adam shirtless in all his seasons on the show.There are some men who always, always wear comdoms (or have vasectomies). Men who have babies with women they just want to fuck around with are idiots; if you are responsible on your end (and not depending on her claims about being on the pill), chances are virtually nil that you will get a woman pregnant.My pussyhound brother won't even fuck a women with condoms she provides.When we asked Emily what she could share about the already filmed season-eight premiere, she told us, "It's going to be an interesting year. A lot of people who are back and maybe not permanently. There's some drama." (Is it just us or does it almost sound like still happy with the show? I have to say, we just really get along, which after eight years, is nice.

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If he doesn't have a girlfriend that's a good sign he isn't bearding, but he's still doing some bearding since he says on his website that he likes women and talks about what he likes in a woman. I work on CSI Miami from time to time -- crew not actor. Melanie does seem to be his girlfriend from the picture posted here. He was with his last FG, Ciarra Prado for 5 years & he never married her. Adam has been getting some negative attention on the black blogs this week. Did some acting with him and got major gay vibes coming from him. Kept in touch with him for a little bit, that's it. I'm trying to figure out why people on this thread think that he's gay.