Alanis morissette dating 2016

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Two decades on, the singer is back to remind us of its legacy On a family holiday to LA in the summer of 1983, there was one ‘celebrity hotspot’ in particular that nine-year-old Alanis Morissette wanted to visit: the home of her idol, Olivia Newton-John.

Tracking down the star’s Malibu estate, Morissette marched up to the entrance, buzzed the intercom and announced, ‘Olivia? But if you can, I’m going to be big like you someday.’ Such precocious behaviour may have bemused onlookers, but it was a prophecy Morissette would fulfil just 12 years later.

‘It’s shown up in various forms like eating disorders and not having boundaries around having sex as a young person,’ she told .

The album was released internationally by Madonna’s label, Maverick, on 13 June 1995 – 12 days after Morissette’s 21st birthday.

As a child actor, she appeared on Canadian children’s television and in musical theatre productions around Ottawa.

So when John Alexander, a talent scout for MCA Records Canada saw the video, he knew exactly how to market her.was the ultimate feminist, ‘fuck you’ break-up song and, amid much speculation, was later claimed to be about comedian Dave Coulier, who Morissette dated in 1992.Even though she was dominating the charts – – she struggled with her fame and the loneliness it created. ‘I’d awkwardly phone different celebrities to see if we could be friends. In the video, directed by acclaimed French photojournalist and director Stéphane Sednaoui, she is completely naked in various public places, save for some strategically placed locks of hair.And at the same time, the press was calling and saying, ‘You want to comment on this song? Her seminal album Jagged Little Pill was an anthem for a generation frustrated at being let down in relationships.

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And I would never do that, because I have respect for him.” In a 2004 interview with Howard Stern, Morissette was asked if the song was about Coulier.