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Once upon a time, I found one of the first viral Pinterest pins created by the amazing Shannon Brown.Shannon decided to make dates intentional and gave her husband a Christmas gift of 12 envelopes – each with a pre-planned, pre-paid date to open each month of the upcoming year. One that will keep on giving long after the wrapping paper is discarded? If that sounds awesome, then this Year of Dates kit is just what you’re looking for.But, this isn’t just another Year of Dates gift idea.Not with our busy schedules, our houseful of kids, our jobs, church responsibilities and the never-ending list of to-dos and projects.We need something that will make date night easier, not something that would require more work later on. But they can be expensive, and DIY kits can be a lot of work.They are available as an instant download, so you can get started with your project right away.

I knew that wasn’t going to work for my husband and I.

And lucky for you, I’m an Amazon-a-holic, so many include links to the actual items I purchased.

Now you don’t have an excuse, go out there and get romantic!

This was just pure genius, and that pin’s longevity and copycats only further prove that!

I decided to copy her, and put my own spin on the gift making a date folder, and gave Jacob this gift our first Christmas married.

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And here is Mark’s priceless reaction to it on Christmas morning: (NOTE: the particular date he is getting excited about is a board game marathon.) I think he liked it! We’ve committed to “date” each other through the years, no matter how busy life gets.